Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Candy Display Part Two

Are ya'll ready to see the Christian side of the display? Now, I have to warn you, this one is really picture heavy. Lots of pictures. I got all of my cuts done and decorated this side and had a space at each end that I didn't have anything to put there. So when I went home, I cut some more. Now, it took me there abouts 3 days to cut the cuts, put them together and decorate the display. Both sides.
The boss is totally thrilled with how I decorated the Christmas Candy Display. Guess I'll have to start thinking up what to do for Valentine's pretty soon.
Hope ya'll like this side, too. :)
This is #23546. I cut one for both ends of the display.

I am so pleased with this side. I love it!!! The Designer Cardstock is from Echo Park. Yeah, I got it at Hobby Lobby. It's part of their open stock! Thought it was perfect for this side and the ends.
The boss mentioned that he had seen a picture somewhere with Santa bowing and worshiping Jesus and he had his toy sack with him. I knew that I needed to fill this end with this cut. The Baby Jesus, Santa and Star are #36249 and his sack is #4115. The Joy To The World is # 4678.
Ahhhh the Nativity. My most favorite cuts. The little sheep #5186. The Wise Men #'s 5468, 5469 and 5470. The Angel #5728. The Cow #5184. Mary, Baby Jesus and Joseph #4912. The Star #35777. The Shepherd #5139. The Camel #6034. And the Donkey #5185.
O Holy Night #4684. Peace on Earth #35020.


Sherrie K. said...

Oh Sharon, you have done such an amazing job on your decorations! The cuts are all fabulous and so festive! Wow....what an awesome employee you are!
Have a great day!
Sherrie K

Elaine said...

OMG Sharon, I love your store display. It is absolutely fantastic, what a great idea:)

Mary Ann said...

AWESOME!!!Great work!!!!