Thursday, June 9, 2011

My newest craftroom toy!

I told ya I'd have something new to show ya'll come Wednesday. Well, I was just so busy after I got home posting the projects that I had gotten done that I didn't get to this post until now. This came yesterday while I was at work. I was so tired when I got home that I had really forgotten that I was to get a package. I was going through my e-mails and had one telling me that it had been delivered. I went outside, looked around, went to the end of the carport and looked on the front porch. No package!!! Asked Hubby if he'd been home all day-yes-out front or in the back in the garden-out front-I was suppose to get a package and the e-mail said it came, but it's not here!!!!! I'm upset by this point. Came back inside followed by Hubby. He's asking if I'd been into my craft room. Well, no. Just to tired to craft. Well, there it sat in my craft room! He'd hid it in there!!! So without farther ado, here's my new toy!!!

I've been holding out for an Imagine, but the more I read about the Expression 2, the more I wanted one. So I broke down and ordered it!!! It was ordered before the car deal, so Hubby can't complain! LOL And since it seems that our Walmart isn't getting the new Lite Cartridges, I ordered Bump in the Night and Beep Beep. The only 2 from that release that I really wanted. Don't look at my messy craft table. That's the only place I have to sit her for now. I'm off this weekend, so I know what I'll be doing! Cleaning my craft room and making a space for my new toy!!! Can't wait to start creating with her. I have to work this afternoon and night and I have mid shift tomorrow, so I get to just open the door and look at her for now!! I'm in high hopes of getting to all of your blogs at some point this weekend, too. I know I have neglected ya'll something terrible! I'm so sorry!!!!! Oh and have you been over to the cricut blog and seen the new lite releases? I'm gonna try to get two or three of those. Well, I'm in hopes anyways!! Well, I'm off to get ready for work. Have an awesomely, wonderful crafty day!!! :)


Creative Diva said...

How exciting! You are going to love your new machine. I look forward to seeing what u will create.


Judy said...

An E2 wow Sharon I'm so happy for you. I think you're going to love it. Can't wait to see what you create.

Kim said...

Congrats on your new toy! I should be getting the imagine tomorrow in the mail! I can't wait either:) I didn't do much research, why did you decide on the expression 2 instead of the imagine?


Patti said...

Congratulations on getting your new baby. I ordered mine when it debuted on HSN. By the time I got it, I was working and getting ready to go on an Alaska cruise so I didn't even get to play with mine for almost 2 weeks. Believe I feel your pain, but when I got back I was able to play a little. Enjoy her!

Scrapper69 said...

Look at how pretty that machine looks in your scraproom! That's my way of explaining another machine to my hubby! LOL Looking forward to seeing the fun things you can make with your pretty new toy! :o)

Georgiana said...

Enjoy crafting with your new toy. Keep me posted on whether I should upgrade or not.

Enfys said...

Congrats on your new toy. I bought mine back to the UK with me in my hand luggage but haven't had time to play at all yet, apart from make a tiny test cut, and that baby sut a tiny intricate shape out like butter!
big hugs
Enfys x

Tanya said...

Yay...happy for you and your new toy! I know you have been itching to get into your room and play! Hope you have lots of fun and can't wait to see what you create on your newest addition to the family!

Sherrie K. said...

Congrats!!! Woo hoo:) Love mine!
Sherrie K