Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello Bloggie Friends!!!

I know I said I would post something this past Saturday. But I really have a great reason for not! Really I do!! See, I have this Malibu that I bought brand new in 2000. My very first brand new car. I love it! Well, until it got hot anyways. We've had some work done on it in the past few months and it still needs some other stuff done. But when it got hot, the air stopped working!! Yessss!!! In the 90's and one day it was 100 and I had no air in my car!!!! Hubby had some freeon (I don't think I spelled it right) put in it and that lasted like 2 days. Boss and I got in it to go across town (the day it stopped working again) and by the time we made the 3 stops she needed to make, we looked like we were in a wet t-shirt contest!! Not sure which one of us won! LOL I called Hubby and said either get fixed or I'm getting another car. Well, when I got off Saturday and we headed to where our Son-in-law works and I picked out the prettiest 2011 Ice Blue Metallic Cruze that I've ever seen!!! Got a great Mother-in-law deal, so it's now parked in our driveway and I love it!!! So see, I had a great excuse!! Then I had to work a 13 hr. shift yesterday. :( I plan on getting into my craft room in a little while and I'll post something by sometime tomorrow. Guess I won't be buying much crafty stuff now that I have a car payment. Haven't had one of those in like 5 or 6 years!! But wait until ya'll see what I've got coming that I had already ordered!! It will be here Wednesday and I'll take a picture and post. I might even post a picture of my car! LOL So, ya'll have an awesomely, wonderful, crafty day and I'll post by sometime tomorrow unless some other really great thing comes along and keeps me from it and I'll let ya know if that happens!! :)


Glenda said...

Congrats on the new car! I can understand about the heat! It has been 100 and over for the last few days in my area.
Enjoy your new vehicle!

- said...

So sorry about your car..but the wet t-shirt comment was hilarious hehe. Glad to hear you got something good out of it though.


girlia said...

Yes that wet t-shirt line was hilarious. glad you were able to get a new car! It sounds pretty. Especially the part where you said it was blue!

Scrapper69 said...

You are too Funny Sharon! Wet T-Shirt! OMGOSH! I was laughing so hard! :o) Sorry about the problems with your car! But I'm sooooo super thrilled that you got a brand new pretty BLUE toy to drive! I Bet the AC works Perfectly in that bad boy! :o) I was gonna tell ya I seen the Imagine on sale for $199 somewhere but I guess we can forget that idea for a long while! Show us a picture of that pretty blue car! :o)

Georgiana said...

Enjoy that new car with A/C!