Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cricut-tastic Award

Oh I am so very honored to have received this award from Tanya of Nonnas Craft Corner. Go check out her blog. Tanya does some amazing things with her Cricut toys!!!
The rules for this award are:
Your blog has been deemed Cricut-tastic. Wear this badge proudly on your blog and share it with others whom you think also have Cricut-tastic blogs. Also, please share 5 Cricut-related things about yourself!
Hum..........5 Cricut related things about myself huh?
1. I own a Baby Bug, an Expression, a Cuttlebug and a Gypsy. I've been giving big time hints to Hubby for an Imagine. No luck yet. I'll keep working on him.
2. I can't hardly make a card or layout without designing it on my Gypsy Girl first, although I do get the cartridge handbooks out and flip through them.
3. I got Pack Your Bags cartridge for Mother's Day. I picked it out. Hubby is afraid he'll get something I already have! LOL
4. No food or drink is allowed in my craft room. I'm afraid of spilling something on my toys! Don't want to mess them up!!!
5. I would love to not have to work so I could play with my 'toys' more!!
I want to pass this great award on to some awesomely talented ladies! If you have a chance, go and visit each of them. You won't be disappointed! :)
Boots and Blingtime
A Paper Journey
Carsons Cricut Creations

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Nisson Family said...

Thanks so much Sharon! You are so super sweet. :) I make everything on my Gypsy as well. I tried to make something w/o it the other day and had to retrain myself on how to use the machine! lol :)

Thanks again!