Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

I want to wish ya'll a Blessed Easter. Don't forget to thank Jesus for dying on the cross for us. Oh to be loved that much is just awesome!!!
Hand update: Got the stitches out last Tuesday. Doing hand exercises. Have to wear handbrace 24/7 until this Tuesday, then just at night. I'm in high hopes that when I can take it off during the day that I can get back to crafting!! I can't grip tightly 'cus I have no strength in my hand but I'm working on it!! My guess is that I will be back at work next Wednesday so won't be able to visit your blog as often! :(
Come by tomorrow and see what I've got to share for Paper Playtimes Digi Monday!!
Now I'm off to Church!! Have a wonderful and Blessed day!!! :)

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