Tuesday, September 7, 2010

52Q-Week 6

I know I haven't done anything for week 5 yet, but I do plan to. The question was 'What good thing happened to your this week?' Well, nothing good happened. In fact, we had a super busy week at work with the first of the month and Labor coming up and some of the most rudest people! Sometimes it's really hard to work in a grocery store! Ok, enough of my belly aching! On to week 6!!! Question is 'What's Your Favorite Season?' Well, it's a toss up between Spring And Fall and I decided to go with Fall. I just had to do this turkey from Stretch Your Imagination. He is hiding behind a bale of hay that I cut from Old West. I think he turned out pretty cute! Fall is so wonderful! I can sit in my kitchen and look out back and see the most beautiful colors when the trees start turning. And then come Thanksgiving, eat turkey!!! I'm ready!! LOL
Hop on over to http://pausedreamenjoy.blogspot.com/ and join in on the 52Q and make a mini book about yourself. Hope ya'll like my turkey and hay!! :)


Janis said...

I love the turkey sitting on the haybale! At first I thought the question was showing through a circle window on the tag inside. That was freakin' me out a little bit. LOL Eye games! Anyway, this is just GREAT!! How are you grouping all your tags for your mini me book? YES! I would love some Happy Hauntings cuts! I was hoping to buy that cart last weekend, but looks like it may be next month if then. {sigh} Anyway, I'll take any cuts from there you feel like cutting! And please let me know what I can send to you! northrose at slowar dot com :) Janis

Scrapper69 said...

Sharon... This came out great! It's a toss up for me too... I LOVE Fall.... But I Also LOVE Spring... Good Call though... Fall is just around the corner now.. :o)