Sunday, August 22, 2010

52Q Week 3

Over at it is week 3 of our Mini Me Book. The question this week is, "What is your favorite song right now?" Well, mine right now is Bella's Lullaby by Edward Cullen. Yes, I'm a Twilight fan. I love piano music and I could listen to this all day long. It is just so beautiful to me. When I was growing up I wanted to take piano lessons, but my parents couldn't afford it. I use to be able to play Mary Had a Little Lamb and Chop Sticks but it has been so long, I can't anymore!! I used Tags,Bags,Boxes and More for my tag pouch and my journal tag. I don't have a cartridge with a piano on it so I bought this 3d sticker. I cut the music notes from Lyrical Letters. I hid the faces. Then added some black pearls on the bottom of the notes. I hope ya'll like it!!! :)


Scrapper69 said...

This came out lovely! I really like the Piano and the Music Notes.... Very creative for the question.... What is your favorite song... I think your book is turning out great so far! :o)

Anna K said...

Very nice!!!

Janis said...

I'm a Twilight fan too! Great job on this!