Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prize Box for Work

The boss decided that we would have a Thanksgiving give-a-way for our employees. And he wanted me to make a box for the employees to put their entry in. I scoured work until I found the perfect box. I hit Hobby Lobby with work money (love spending someone else's money!) and bought quite a few things. I purchased the stuff I needed for the Christmas Candy Display Decorations while I was there. (Those posts will show up next week. Be on the lookout for them.) The paper I covered the box with is open stock. Hobby Lobby just didn't have a big selection of open stock Thanksgiving paper. But I like this one and so did the boss. I then went to the Silhouette Store and started hunting cuts. 
The boss was thrilled with it.
Hope ya'll like my box!!! :)

This is #50839. I cut extra of the acorn and leaves. This is the front of the box

This darling turkey is #48204. I think he is adorable! This is one side.

 On the other side is this great pumpkin. It is #46704.


Scrapper69 said...

Ok... Now that is an AWESOME BOX Sharon! How fun for you to get to shop and decorate it! I can't wait to see your Christmas Candy Display! :o)

Sherrie K. said...

What an awesome box!!! Love the turkey:) I can't wait to see the Christmas Candy Display! I am sure you will "rock" it!
Sherrie K