Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Weekend With The Granddaughters

Two of our granddaughters came to visit this weekend. They came Friday evening and went home after church today. I'm here to tell ya that I am one pooped MeeMee!!!! We stayed awake to late after going to bed Friday night, laughing and talking and then got up to early Saturday morning. Never thought they would be up by 6:30!!! We got up, fixed some breakfast and then I talked them into, begged them, okay conned them into helping me clean house. We will craft after the house is clean. It worked!! Bug who is 11 vacuumed and Riss who is almost 8 dusted. I did the mopping, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. We were done in an hour. They really wanted to craft!!! We got into the crafty room around 8:30, took a break for lunch and then stayed in there until 3. Boy did my feet hurt!! Only room for two chairs and they took them. I was standing, helping, cutting paper sizes and putting them on the mats, etc. They had a ball!!! After we got done, I painted their toenails and fingernails. Extreme Pink. We fixed supper, got showers and then baked some cookies. I cheated and got the Pillsbury kind that you just put on the cookie sheet and bake. They didn't care. They just wanted cookies. They played with their gameboys for a little while and then we went to bed. Very little talking went on last night. Within 10 minutes they were both out like a light!! It was an awesome, fun and very tiring weekend!!!
These first two pictures are the layouts that Bug made.

These next pictures are the one layout and 3 cards that Riss made. This is her first time getting to get into my crafty room and create. I think she is just as hooked as Bug is now!!!

They chose the cuts and colors and papers themselves. All I did was cut them to fit the mat, put them on the mat and showed them the buttons to push. Crafters in Bloom!!!!! Hope y'all like what my grands made. :)


SiskiyouSue said...

Great cards! Talented crafters in the making.

snappy scrappy said...

So cute...they did a great job!! Lee-Ann :)

Georgiana said...

These are ALL just too cute. Future crafters definitely!

Carson's Creations

Stephanie said...

What a great weekend! You've mentored them well. Their projects are great.

Heather said...

Adorable. Must have been so fun (and yes tiring too!) to have them with you all weekend. Hugs!!

Anna K said...

How fun that you can craft with your granddaughters!! As they grow older they will cherish these times and think of you everytime they update their own blogs with their crafting projects LOL!!!

Scrapper69 said...

I'm EXHAUSTED just READING what you guys did! But it does sound like you all had FUN! Which was the point!:O) You do have little crafters in the making.... all the projects look great and I can see them wanting their own machines real soon! :o)

Sherrie K. said...

Wow, sounded like a BUSY couple of days! Can I borrow your Grandchildren??? Helped you vacuum and dust..great kids! It sounds like you packed a lot in and I would be pooped too, LOL!
Your projects are all awesome and how fun to craft with them too:)
Sherrie K